Holiday soap boxes

Out here in Everett, it’s really cold. We’ve had temps in the 30’s and 40’s during the day. Our autumn has quickly turned into winter! The holiday itch is strong and with only five Fridays left until Christmas, it’s time to get started on gifts. Our hand-crafted soap makes great stocking stuffers, or, a great gift for your coworkers, church friends, guild members, neighbors or whoever you want to share the holiday spirit with! We’ve designed fantastic but simple boxes that you can make for that extra special from-the-heart flair.


– card stock scrapbook paper
– ribbon, stickers, buttons and other embellishments of your choice
– scissors
– tape (double-sided tape would be best)
– hot glue gun (optional)
– our Pillow Box Template
– small-to-medium bowl or round lid
– something to score with (we used a retractable mechanical pencil)


1. Download and print out our Pillow Box Template.
2. Cut out the outer edge of the template.
3. Tape the template to your scrapbook paper and carefully cut it out.
4. Fold both sides (as shown by the dashed lines in the template).

You should now have something that looks like this:

Now it’s time to score the flaps that close the box. To do this, turn the paper around. We’re going to score the backside.

5. On the reverse side, fold the flaps in:

6. Using your bowl (or whatever you found) and your scoring device, score around like so:

Do both sides.

7. Then undo the folds, flip the paper over and fold in the flaps again.

8. Tape the middle and both ends.

9. Now it’s time to fold in the ends. Along where you scored, carefully push in the flaps.

10. Before closing in the other side, drop in the bar of soap.

11. After the soap is in the box, close the flap.

12. Now decorate your box with ribbon and embellishments as you see fit. This is how we did ours:

Here are some more we did: