Hello and welcome to Quilter’s Roost’s new website! While we’re still perfecting everything, we wanted to take some time to show you some fantastic new tools our website has to make your shopping experience better. We’re pretty excited about them.

Have you ever bought a couple of different fabric patterns only to discover the colors don’t work? It is challenging to find the right colors for projects when we’re shopping online. Our screens don’t always show us the true colors. Plus, with 3500 bolts of fabric, you could spend hours finding the right coordinating fabric. Our new website has a color matching tool that will help you sift through our fabric to find those with the right colors. It’s simple to use and quite fun! Here, let us show you!

On the left panel of our website is a box titled “Color Matching.”
Color Matching Tool
Click on any of the colors in that box to start. We wanted to do a Halloween-themed quilt with purple, orange and green. To get started, we selected the third darkest purple for our project.

The color match tool brought us a variety of fabrics with that color in common:

Color Matching Step 2

When you see fabric you like, add them to the cart (you can edit quantities and/or remove them from the cart as you wish later). We chose a couple fabrics just a bit down the screen from the Pumpkin Gang collection. The purple polka dots (#861) from our “This n’ That” collection caught our eye too so we added 1/4 yard of that fabric to our cart.

Color Matching Step 3
Did you know that when you select a fabric, it gives you little boxes of the other colors found in that fabric pattern? You can click on those colors and it will bring up other fabrics that have that color. We really like the orange in the Pumpkin Gang collection so we selected the darkest orange:

Color Matching, Step 4

Ta daa! Look at all these fun orange fabrics to choose from! We added a few more fabric prints to our cart.

Color Matching Step 5
We went through and selected a green fabric that matched the green in our Pumpkin Gang collection. Now for some more fun!

The second fantastic tool our new website has is the Block Builder tool. You find that tool in our shopping cart page. In the image below, you can see our selected fabric list and below that, you see a button that says, “Preview Fabric in Block.” Click on that to bring up the Block Builder tool.Block Building Step 1

Now we have the Block Builder tool pulled up. In the left side panel we have all of the fabrics we wanted to play with. In the top panel are some classic block templates. For this project, I selected the Card Trick template.

Fabric Block Step 2

Upon selecting the Card Trick template, we get an image in various shades of gray. Each individual shade goes for one fabric of your choice. For our project, we chose to make the background with the purple polka dot pattern from our “This n’ That” collection. To move the fabric to the white box, we clicked and, while still pressing our mouse button, we dragged the fabric to the selected box. Immediately, all parts that were white were replaced with our fabric selection. Neat, huh!?!

Block Builder Step 3

We continued to play around until we were satisfied with our block. This is what our final block will look like:

Block Builder Step 4

Well that was fun! We hope you take the time to play with our new website’s new tools. Take a screen shot or a picture of the block you create and we’ll share them on our blog! We would love to see your designs!

Until next time, folks!