Merry Christmas from quilter’s roost

The fireplace is going strong and both cats are napping beside us as I make my husband watch Love Actually with me for the 50th time. This year, there will be no white Christmas but there will be a wet one. The rain is coming down hard and it probably will be all night.

For Christmas, my sons, their wives and children are joining Chris and I in cabins we rented down by the ocean. It’s been a busy, hectic year and now it’s time to relax and “go off the grid” as they say. I’m packing my sewing machine and some books. It’ll be lovely.

We’re going to be gone for the entire end of the year. While we’re out, I want to fill you in on a secret end-of-the-year sale on our ends-of-bolts. By entering in “Michael Bolton,” all ends-of-bolts will be 20% off! This sale only lasts for the remainder of 2014 so hurry!

Please note: because I will be out of town, I will not be able to fill your orders until after January 1, 2015.

For now, merry Christmas to you and yours! 

Have a happy and safe new years!